Our Process – Up Pet Sustainable Brand for Pets

Our Process

Our Process - We are working to be a zero-waste concept.

Our designs are deadstock or remnant fabrics from the thrifts stores , carefully selected and repurposed into durable products, such as clothing, toys, and beds.

Everyone from our founder to our hand-sewers and laundry experts participates in hands-on inspections, guaranteeing high safety, and handmade quality products every single time. In our process, cleanness is the top priority, because we know how it is extremely important for your pet and your peace of mind.

First of all, our fabrics are washed, just before we even start to manipulate it and then manufacture with it.

Then, all of the fabrics are cleaned and safely disinfected. So, we can start the matching process with fabric patterns.

Finally, we get two alternatives: first one, the washed fabrics residues are sent to the shredding process, and then they are used to fill up our beds and toys when it is needed. The second one, we can fill up to use natural and biodegradable hardwood straw, it is sustainable and light.