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Eco-friendly Dog Toys Up Pet
Eco-friendly Dog Toys Up Pet
Up Pet Upcycling Brand for Pets

Eco-friendly Dog Toys Up Pet

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The perfect toys for your FURRY FRIEND! A sustainable version of your dog’s favorite toy - handcrafted from the upcycled remnant fabric that Up Pet use to create our pet’s beds and bandanas.

Our bone toy is perfect for any puppy that loves to play and make fun!

All our fabric is pre-washed, safe, and every small batch is made by production which means they are unique!

  • Made in Canada
  • 100% handmade with love
  • Made with Post-Consumer Recycled Materials
  • Upcycled fabrics
  • Pre-washed fabrics
  • Our label is made of cotton
  • Toy without squeaker
  • Lightweight and durable

Up Pet Toys are sustainable, eco-conscious and fun pet lover’s alternative to regular toys. This a safe alternative from regular pet’s toys that they are stuffed using polyurethane (Poly-fill) which is made from plastic and toxic chemicals in a factory. Did you know these chemicals break down and can be become airborne? Your furry friend can ingest these chemicals while they play and chew on their favorite toy.

We create a better way for you and your beloved pet to play safe! Filling our toys with scrap fabric is not only environmentally friendly, it’s also safe for your best friend!

Our cutting fabric from upcycled bedding or off-cuts/remnants from fabric stores that we would like to avoid have otherwise been headed for the landfill. (In the world 85% of donated textiles end up in the landfill we strongly try to avoid it).

Care Instructions:
• Cleaning with natural soap, or soak if needed and hang to dry. If the toy happens to tear, the toy should be taken away and discard so that your furry friend does not eat any of the fabric or filling.

*Pets must be supervised when playing with plush toys and toy taken away if there are tears or seam openings.  Intended only for pets.  Not for children. *

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